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As many of you may have heard by now, Barack Obama beat the sweet creeping savior out of Hillary Clinton in the North Carolina primary, held earlier this month.  He did so for the following reasons:

1.  My children and I wore Obama shirts for weeks leading up to the race.  My neighbors began to look at me strangely.  Although I rarely leave my barn, each time I did, Durham was FORCED to accept that they would be voting one way and one way only, or I would be getting in touch with a little certain someone called ‘James Frey.’

That’s pretty much how it went down.  Oh, I could say some other things about how when he speaks he can look perfectly authoritative and then something happens and he SMILES and I mean the man SMILES and if that isn’t a Presidential trait then who the hell wants to go on living, I mean seriously.  He also has large, attractive hands.

Here is a photograph of my youngest, Augusten the Smaller, meeting Obama at a rally the day of the election.  One surprising thing about Obama, when you meet him up close, is that is hair is longer than it looks on television, and he is fetching in a white shift.


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  1. Dearest Haven Kimmel,
    I believe I may be your best fan & soul sister sent here to Gods green earth to find you!!! 😉 I LOVE your work more than alll the air sucked out of allll the spin cycles of all the laundry being washed in all the world. Yes, truly, that much exactly. =)
    I too am a pisces & I too had a terrible experience becoming bemused & gifted through a grade school reading experience. Differently, your book was where the red fern grows & mine was a little later in island of the blue dolphins. I bless the day I stumbled into your books & found what true humor & writing should be in this world! God bless your viewpoint, your mentality & the air you breathe!! =)
    Melissa Pasos

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