Hey Friends and Neighbors and Quirky People Who Are My Favorite People

I’m giving a reading tonight from my new book Iodine at The Regulator on 9th St. in Durham, my local independent and a spot so dear it could be a Frank Capra film.  (Without the underlying current of despair.)  (Oh who am I kidding.  It’s an independent, there’s always despair.)  But I plan on giving it my all, so head on out.  It starts at 7:00 but I’d get there a little early.  Sometimes I have big crowds and sometimes I don’t, and in this case I probably won’t, since this is the book that will end my career and cause me to have to wear undergarments knitted from the undercoat of the Caucasian Ovcharrka.  Vicious, vicious dog.  Even the fur bites.

I’m also reading this Thursday (the 7th) at 7:30 p.m. at Quail Ridge Books & Music in Raleigh.

You can find all my tour info at www.havenkimmel.com/HK/Appearances.html

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  1. I’ll be there tonight! Out of my mind excited. I’m just about to stock up on sunflower seeds and fountain soda and hit the open road.

  2. Kafka’s underwear was knit entirely from the soft belly combings of the Caucasian Ovcharrka. It’s the handspinning makes the difference.

  3. Wish I could be there. I have a lot of friends in Durham and I have told a couple of them about the events you are planning. I know of several Indiana transplants in the area. If you have pets and are looking for a good vet, look no further than St. Francis Animal Hospital in Durham. They not Quaker or Catholic or even Unitarian, but, they love animals. Tell Margie that George sent ya!

  4. Do you plan to come out to California anytime soon, Los Angeles area in particular? I would come bearing gifts in gratitude…please please.

  5. Sure wish I could be there. I’m half way through Iodine and I’m loving it. We need a Haven Kimmel reading in PA or NYC. Any chance of you coming to NYC for the SPIN Book Club Liner Notes reading by Augusten on Sept 4th? I’m working Fashion Rocks in the city that week so I’m going to try to make it over there.

  6. Plan to attend in Raleigh on Thur. Really enjoyed reading “Zippy” = “our childhoods were quite similar”. Anxious to read the others as I’m a newbie.

  7. Any chance you can come up to the DC area? Maybe the bookstore Politics and Prose? I could reach Hoosiers with the Indiana Society of Washington DC. I bet a bunch of those folks would love to hear/meet an Indiana writer in residence in North Carolina. Haven, I’d be pleased to help carry boxes of books and/or help serve refreshments for the reception.

  8. Are you planning to venture to New England for readings of Iodine? Lots of folks here, especially in New Hampshire, are big fans of your writing!

  9. End your career? Haven. Can I just tell you? I’m about a third of the way through Iodine right now and it’s so good I can’t stand it. I loved you already, but then you had to go and write a crazy-girl book? Damn it. It’s like you do it on purpose, this pure searing awesomeness.

  10. Haven
    I think a tour of every state in the US is in order here. You can write you’re next book whilst on tour and then in a few years when you’re next book is done we can try europe or possibly the….


    Here she is ladies and gentlemen from Havanna to Hoboken Steppin high on fragrance street and
    reading for you EVERY night its Haven Kimmel yeah !!!

  11. Word to what Eisha said.

    Plus: Come to Nashville. Come to Nashville.

    Jules, the other half of 7-Imp, who interviewed you gleefully once


    So, how did it go last night?

    Is the hair-o-the-dog-shirt on or still in the closet?

    The Ovcharka can be a mean bugger from what I understand, but their inclination is to lay around and pursue weight-gain unless provoked with eye contact or a stinging book review. Didn’t Dostoyevsky own one that he used to walk around with in Moscow until Rasputin beat the crap outta it with a thighbone from Anastasia? Those Russian writers and philosophers!

  13. see above post:

    Substitute the word, bugger for booger. Entirely different meanings.

  14. I second caryl’s nomination for Los Angeles… How many supporters do we need to recruit?

    Really, it’s safe here, think nothing of the recent quakes and wildfires! We’re just meeting the monthly melodrama quota is all…

  15. Kimberly, sunflower seeds and fountain soda! Proof that we have not been forgotten by the benign elements of the universe!

    Rams, Kafka’s Caucasian Ovcharrka boots were very very small but could accomodate his legs, all six of them. He had to be careful taking them off or we’ve got a critter that moves very fast, but only in circles.

    George, my father tried convince me of the coyote farm, where the peace-loving animals (like the marmosets) first went into a state of shock as his new BFF the kie-ote, sliced him open stem to stern, and his guts unwound like carnival balloons. No cotton candy, either. And I will not subsitute bugger for booger. It just . . . it looks right for you, George.

    ALSO, GEORGE! MARGIE IS MY VET! The world is so itty bitty, AND I think we should all have t-shirts that say, in Gothic script (picture Marilyn Manson) and on the back: FIGHTING THE FAT CATS IN WASHINGTON SO YOU DON’T HAVE TO GET ANYWHERE NEAR THEM. Then we list the books. Eight of them, think. I’ll check with people who know more about them than I do.

    Hey Michael T., are you that one extremely fabidelicious Michael T. that goes back all he way back to the week I moved here fourteen years ago?

    Jules and Eisha: read IODINE and write up some interview questions and I’ll be all OVER it.

    La Boheme [It., “supporter of libraries”],

  16. Margie wouldn’t be afraid of no Ovcharrka! Margie was my wife’s college roommate. We camp with them every spring and generally see them during the year. And, I bet we have several other Durham friends in common. I love it down there…I’d move down there in a heartbeat if I could find a job other than shearing Ovcharrka’s dogs for fancy undergarments! Guess I could maybe get a job cutting greens and fairways at the Duke Golf Course.

  17. I finished Iodine late last night and some of it finally started to come together this morning. It’s a serious scholarly stretch for me and I inhaled it without stopping to look things up. I’m still trying to sort out what was real, what was a construct of Trace’s burdened mind and what will always be unknowable. What a pleasure to have so much left to mull over well after finishing the book. Your publisher was brave enough to distribute it, now they need to promote it! I hope they extend your tour and we get to see you here in N. California.

  18. Haven
    As fabidelicious as I am I am not the Michael T you mentioned. I have seriously considered NC durahm area as a place to move to over the years tho. However I live in a little town 5 mile west of Ann Arbor Michigan. I am an outdoorsman who fixes computer networks odd huh
    Also how can you call these sweet Caucasian Ovcharrkas so mean and vicious look at this little guy 😉


  19. Ohmigosh. Michael must live in Jeff Daniels/Purple Rose territory — Chelsea, Pearl of the Midwest and Gateway to Plymouth.

  20. Rams you’re close I am in the gateway to the chain of lakes actually.

  21. Last night was absolutely wonderful, and the music was a delightful treat. Completely worth the six hour drive (I’m one of the crazies who drove from Georgia). 🙂 I am smack dab in the middle of Iodine (drat having prior commitments during the day that interfere with the book-finishing process) and am absolutely absorbed. Just…wow. And here I thought you couldn’t possibly amaze me any more.

    Thank you again for such a great night. I swear I’m normally more articulate, but meeting you reduced me to stutterings. Hope to see you in Georgia soon!

  22. HI Haven,

    2 questions:

    1. Are you ever going to have a book reading/signing in West Michigan, preferably Muskegon?

    2. Will you ask Augusten why we cannot leave comments on his blog? 🙂

  23. How’d it go last night? Here’s a tidbit for you: I have requested Something Rising from my library in Alexandria, Va., and I was told I am third in line. You must have a few fans here, Miz Kimmel.

  24. Hope all the readings go well — and will cast another vote for NYC/PA leg of the tour … Just finished Iodine moments ago — SPECTACULAR … will offer up a more complete and glowing review on Amazon once I come back to earth. Girlfriend, you rock.

  25. Land a’ Goshen, as my beloved grandmother used to say. You are all so very kind. Both of my first two readings were incredibly good — standing room only, great questions. There were so many people there who have come to every event I’ve done since Zippy came out in 2001. People who see me for the first time are always shocked because they expect all novelists to read badly, which is torturous for everyone. But as dear Shea Z. above can attest, I not only studied the Oral Interpretation of LIterature, I was on my college’s TEAM, and I considered doing graduate work in the field at Northwestern. I mean, that’s just ridiculous, right? Except it turned out to be crucial to my life’s work. My reading of COUCH won an Audiophile award for the best author-narrated book of the year.

    I’m going to write a post about how the book came to be published, given its themes and voice, because in fact I’m still reeling from the aftershocks. I’ll go do that now.

  26. Haven – Through Augusten’s work and website I have learned a lot about you. His website is down. I haven’t ever tried to contact him but wanted to let him know that Molly Shannon (formerly Saturday Night Live) now Kath & Kim sitcom… mentions him in In Style Magazine (Sept 08)It is a piece on 5 different actors dressing rooms. In hers she notes she reads the New York Post and Times and also Augusten Burroughs who she thinks is the finniest writer. Coming from a SNL regular – how nice. Just let him know. Also – I am in Indiana and know Brent Bill.. What is the connection?? Augusten = Haven = Brent Bill? Small world. Dee Dee Deakin, Plainfield IN married, just turned 40, three kids, great career. Long drive so I became a AB fan through audio books. Now I plan to listen to your books or read if I ever have an ounce of time… Note: Brent Bill was a camp counselor of mine when I was a kid. He and his wife have a beautiful log home in our area that has been featured in papers, magazines.

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